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In this context, the term "Websites" covers all of HereTask's online media. This includes this website and any other online media provided by or owned by HereTask.

The term "websites" does not cover the HereTask online application itself, which is subject to particular conditions and limitations.


Unless otherwise stated, HereTask owns the copyright to all material on HereTask's websites. The material may not be used without HereTask's prior consent or the consent of another relevant third party that has been involved in the design of the website.

Terms and conditions of use of HereTask's websites

HereTask makes these websites available for personal use. You may download material from the Sites for non-commercial, personal use, provided you retain all material copyright information and other ownership information intact.

You may also quote a few lines from HereTask's websites without seeking specific permission. If you do this, it will be on the condition that you make it clear that the quote originates from HereTask, and that you do not use the quote out of context or in a way that can be misunderstood.

Although it is not a condition that you may use quotations from HereTask's websites, please also create a link to the HereTask site from which you took the quote.

Otherwise, you may not distribute, modify, publish, reuse, transmit or use the content on these websites for any public or commercial purpose without HereTask's written consent. This condition includes text, images, sound, graphics, design and logo.

About submitted material

The information that you submit to HereTask belongs to HereTask without compensation to you. This includes posts, comments, questions, emails or other data that you have submitted.

HereTask is entitled to freely use any ideas, know-how, methods or inventions that you submit, entirely at our sole discretion.

If you would like any material that you have already submitted to be changed or deleted, we very likely will comply with this wish. But we reserve the right not to do so.

Press material

Content marked "Press Release" may be used in public announcements if you indicate the source of information.

Changing the content of our websites

The content of HereTask's websites is changed or updated regularly and without prior notice. If you quote from or create a link to our websites, you must be aware that the content you quote from or link to may change.

Links to third-party websites

When we deem it relevant, we create links to third-party websites. Of course, HereTask cannot be held responsible for third-party websites' content. Therefore, we refer to the conditions for use and the copyright information provided by the third-party website owner.

Creating links to third-party websites does not automatically mean that HereTask recommends their websites, content, or products.

Limited liability

HereTask's websites and content are provided as a service for you and your personal use. All content on the sites is provided "as is" without warranty, either express or implied.

HereTask cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect or incidental losses or damages incurred from accessing or using the websites.

HereTask also does not assume responsibility for and cannot be held responsible for damage to or for viruses that infect computer equipment or other property that occurred as a result of the access to or the use of these websites or the transmission of any material, data, text, images or sound from these websites or originating from these websites.

Changes and updates

HereTask may change and update these terms and copyright information at any time.